J35/J35R Compact Crusher
J35/J35R Compact Jaw Crushers

The J35 and J35R compact jaw crushers are the perfect
solution for projects with small footprints but big requirements.
These compact, mobile crushers are suited particularly to
construction and demolition recycling, asphalt recycling,
and aggregates.

This versatile, mobile crusher moves nimbly around in
small spaces, and continues moving while crushing. The
J35 and J35R’s small footprint is uniquely suited to the demolition
and asphalt recycling, aggregates and smaller scale
construction projects. Less than 2.5m wide, the crushers
can be transported easily from site to site.

The new line boasts flexibility as well. Not only can the
J35 continue crushing while moving, it can convert to
a recirculating crusher in just a few hours.

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J35 Jaw CrusherJ35R Jaw Crusher
Engine218 HP (162 kw)218 HP (162 kw)
Jaw Size 35" x 20" (890mm x 500mm)35" x 20" (890mm x 500mm)
Crusher Speed300 rpm300 rpm
Feeder Length166.5" (4230mm)166.5" (4230mm)
Hopper Volume3.6 yd3 (2.75m3)3.6 yd3 (2.75m3)
Belt Width - Main Conveyor36" (900mm)36" (900mm)
Stockpile Height - Main Conveyor9' 10" (3006mm)9' 10" (3006mm)
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